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Climate and Seasons in Israel (Opens in new tab):

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Jerusalem 101 (Opens in new tab):

Jerusalem — History, Archaeology and Apologetic Proof of Scripture  (Opens in new tab):

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Apps for Israel:

Face­book: We have a pri­vate group set­up. I added every­one that I could find on FB. Email me your Face­book link if you still need to be added (

Guide­book: Rod is still work­ing on the guide­book, which will be total­ly “yuge” and awe­some, believe me. When it’s ready there will be a phys­i­cal note­book for every­one, a dig­i­tal copy (pdf), and a web-based ver­sion.  The Guide Book is still being updat­ed, but the web ver­sion is live right here on this site, see “Study Guide” on the menu.

Zel­lo “Walkie-Talkie” App: Search the iPhone or Android store for the app “Zel­lo.” Send me your Zel­lo name after get the app work­ing and I will add you to the Israel group.

Google Hang­outs App: Hang­outs should be avail­able on Android and iPhone. Join link (Opens in new tab):

What­sApp App: What­sApp should be avail­able on Android and iPhone. Send me your What­sApp name and I’ll add you to the group.

We will NOT be using all of these apps. We’ll play around with them as we get clos­er to the trip and see what works best. We’ll def­i­nite­ly be using the guide­book, and at a min­i­mum, we’ll use the Face­book Group for post­ing pho­tos and videos just for the group, and it looks like we’ll use Zel­lo for some “on the ground” com­mu­ni­ca­tions in Israel.